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Wedding Films

Chelsey & Jason

Time just absolutely flew by on this particular wedding day. Although the day was moving fast, every single moment still felt incredibly memorable and special. This is an extended look into Chelsey and Jason's Wedding Day.

Debby & Andrew

To be able to capture the emotions and the story of a wedding day will always be an amazing experience. This is a short cinematic wedding video for Debby & Andrew.

Vickie & Samuel

When the couple told me to "bring all of your energy to our wedding", I knew I was in for something special. From the heartfelt speeches, to the incredible dance sequences, it was definitely a day to be remembered. This is an extended Wedding film for Vickie and Samuel.

Sarah & Daniel

I might be a little biased (I live in Kelowna so I may be very biased) but I think the Okanagan is one of the best places to have a Wedding Celebration. This couple from Vancouver certainly thought so. This is a short Wedding film for Sarah and Daniel

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